Traits of Writing Workshop

A hands-on and practical workshop on the traits of writing to support independence and produce greater learning outcomes for students.

The traits of writing are steeped in over 30 years of research and continue to gain popularity worldwide. Research reveals that ‘quality’ writing all share six essential components: ideas, organisation, sentence fluency, word choice, voice, conventions, plus presentation. The strength of the traits lies in the shared language and understanding When integrated into current writing frameworks, the traits support a shared language and understanding of what good writing needs.

Using student examples, strategies and teacher activities, literacy leaders will have a clear understanding of how the traits of writing support independence and produce greater learning outcomes for students.

This workshop is for literacy leaders who are looking to:
  • Develop a clear and practical understanding of the traits of writing
  • Integrate the traits into current lesson planning
  • Identify the traits in students’ writing to provide feedback and inform teaching
  • Set individual and achievable writing goals that supports independence and self-reflection
  • Use a trait based rubric for summative assessment aligned to the VIC Curriculum
You will receive:
  • An overview of the 6+1 traits of writing and the skills that support them
  • A student video lesson and teacher paper-based lesson