A proven way to build strong and independent writers

Support teachers with a clear scope & sequence, assessment tools and skills based lessons to target teaching to students’ point of need. This ensures every student achieves continual year on year growth.

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A Shared Language for Writing

Create your own rubric & assessments that follow a developmental scope and sequence. The whole school now has a shared language for writing.

Build it yourself

Choose from 30+ essential skills, grouped into writing traits and aligned with your curriculum to meet all learning needs

Aligned with your curriculum

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Assess with consistency and accuracy across your school

Marking is made easy with clear criteria and examples, making writing moderation a breeze.

More than numbers

Meaningful data to guide your next steps.

Student learning is visible

Maintain your students’ year-on-year growth and ensure there are no learning gaps.

Aligned to curriculum and national literacy learning progressions

Targeted teaching

Use data to accurately create skill-based focus groups.

Track learning and watch them grow

Easily track students’ performance overtime.

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Personalised learning

Generate learning goals and strategies tailored to individual student needs.

Structured lessons that target essential writing skills

Find the best teaching resources based on learning needs


Step 1

Select level


Step 2

Choose a specific skill


Target a specific problem area


Step 3

Choose between text or video lessons

Build teacher capability with every lesson

High Impact Teaching Strategies

Every lesson tested in Australian classrooms

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