The Traits of Writing Workshop

An inspiring and practical workshop on how the traits of writing develops writing skills. 

Research reveals that ‘quality’ writing all share six essential components: ideas, organisation, sentence fluency, word choice, voice, conventions, plus presentation.

Trait writing helps students develop a critical writer’s eye and assess the main characteristics of writing independent from one another.

The traits are not a program, but a powerful tool that can be integrated in any writing approach to develop a shared language and understanding of the skills and qualities of good writing.

This workshop is for literacy leaders who are looking to:
  • Develop a clear and practical understanding of the traits of writing
  • Integrate the traits into current lesson planning
  • Identify the traits in students’ writing to provide feedback and inform teaching
  • Set individual and achievable writing goals that supports independence and self-reflection
You will receive:
  • Summary slides and notes on a powerpoint presentation. 
  • Two complete video lessons to try out in the classroom.