Implementing the Traits of Writing for better learning outcomes

A hands-on and practical workshop on how the traits of writing produces greater learning outcomes for students.

Research reveals that ‘quality’ writing all share six essential components: ideas, organisation, sentence fluency, word choice, voice, conventions, plus presentation.

Trait writing helps students develop a critical writer’s eye and assess the main characteristics of writing independent from one another.

The traits are not a program, but a powerful tool that can be integrated in any writing approach to develop a shared language and understanding of the skills and qualities of good writing.

Workshop Overview

Using student examples, strategies and teacher activities, literacy leaders will have a clear understanding of how the traits of writing support independence and produce greater learning outcomes for students.

What will be covered:
  1. What are the traits and which skills support them? The traits and skills will be clearly defined in the context of student and mentor text samples. 
  2. Strategies that support skill development. This is the key to success!
  3. Using a Victorian-aligned trait rubric, participants will assess a student writing sample.  We will guide you through each step.
Learning Outcomes:
  • Understanding each trait and the skills that support them.
  • Evaluating student writing using a common language.
  • Differentiating using evidence based strategies to maximise student learning.
At no additional cost, you will receive:
  • Skills-based lessons for each trait to try out in the classroom.
  • A powerpoint overview of the traits of writing with summary slides from the workshop. 



Melbourne Connect (see map)

8:45am: Doors open. 

Please sign in with your QR code and help yourself to tea/coffee.


Implementing the Traits of Writing for better learning outcomes workshop. See Workshop Overview for details. 

Optional, 10:30-10:45am:

Please feel free to stay on for 15 minutes for an informal chat as we discuss methods used to assess against the traits of writing, including our approach.

*Mid-morning tea/coffee, light refreshments and pastries will be provided after 10:30am. 

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