A Proven Way to Build Strong and Independent Writers

Supporting teachers with a clear scope & sequence, assessment tools and skills based lessons to target teaching to students’ point of need. Ensure every student achieves continual year on year growth.

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Build Teacher Capacity

High Impact Teaching Strategies
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Create a Shared Language for Writing

Our traits based rubrics and clear scope & sequence help schools develop a shared language for writing and consistent judgements of student achievement.  

Aligned With Your Curriculum

Assess with consistency and accuracy across your whole school, with clear criteria and writing examples.  Our assessment guide is aligned to the Australian & Victorian curriculum and national literacy learning progressions.

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Student Learning is Visible

Maintain your students’ year-on-year growth and ensure there are no learning gaps.

Use data to create focus groups.

Personalised Learning

Track your students’ learning and watch them grow. 

Generate student-friendly writing goals and strategies, to help students strengthen their writing skills.   

Learning Content that Targets Essential Skills

Find the best teaching resources based on your students’ needs.
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