Developing NAPLAN Writing Skills through the Curriculum

A practical workshop for principals & middle leaders who are looking to:

We will demonstrate, using examples, how focusing on continuous skill development, informed by NAPLAN and the curriculum can achieve individual student and whole school goals.

When NAPLAN data is used to identify student needs within the curriculum it becomes a valuable & actionable source of data for teachers.  Viewing and acting on NAPLAN data through the lens of the curriculum provides better learning outcomes than teaching directly to NAPLAN.

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Workshop Outline

PART 1 – How to effectively unpack and use your schools NAPLAN writing data.

We will explore the extensive NAPLAN writing data available from the VCAA portal to clarify the type of data that NAPLAN provides and how school leaders and teaching staff can best use it.

NAPLAN data is a valuable resource for schools, but it’s often underutilised.  We will clearly demonstrate how to take full advantage of the valuable data available for writing that goes beyond just teaching to NAPLAN criteria.

PART 2 – How to use NAPLAN writing data to inform teaching & learning cycles that develop all students’ writing skills.

We will illustrate, with examples, how to identify individual student & cohort needs from NAPLAN data and link these to the curriculum.  When implemented successfully, this results in students consistently achieving expected learning growth, as reflected in both annual reporting and 2-year NAPLAN assessments.  This approach helps schools set realistic and attainable AIP writing goals. 

Scriibi helps schools:

  • Develop a whole school common language and shared understanding of the qualities of good writing
  • Assess with consistency and accuracy, across a whole school, using a VIC curriculum aligned rubric
  • Use data to inform teaching and provide timely and specific feedback to students
  • Set individual and achievable writing goals that supports independence and self-reflection
  • Build teacher capability through our Professional Development Series and on-demand pedagogical support
Thursday 22nd February
Afternoon Session
Friday 23rd February
Morning Session