Writing Well Matters:  How to support your child’s written language skills

If you are a parent or carer and would like to learn more about the writing process and how to support your child’s written language skills, this webinar is for you!

“Excellent communication skills stem from excellent writing skills.”

Writing is an essential life skill that provides a platform to share ideas, inspire change, persuade, entertain, and communicate with others.  Effective writers know how to reach their target audience through careful word choice, sentence structure and by understanding their readers’ needs.  So, writing well matters.  It equips us with essential communication and thinking skills that serve us in all facets of life – academic, work and social.  

Students who write frequently and respond to texts and other prompts through writing, develop strong critical and higher order thinking skills and become great all round communicators – an essential life skill.

Areas covered include:

The presenters:

Samantha Nicolaides – Teacher, literacy consultant, and learning director of Scriibi.

Andy Parthenopolous – Author, teacher, and director of Edmentor.